We live in a stage where it is almost unthinkable to live without computers. Although many are satisfied using their smartphones, most of the people still depends on a desktop computer or a laptops to do their job. A smartphone simply does not have the levels of productivity required or the processing power of a computer in its own right. However, people are usually required to use their smartphones or tablets simply because they do not want to fetch around a desktop platform or a laptop. What if you could have a PC that fits perfectly fits in your pocket? What if you can have all your files and settings as you like? Thump PC does exactly that.

Thumb PC basically transforms a regular monitor or TV into a fully functional PC. All you need to do is connect the Thump PC to your HDMI port / monitor and plug it into a power socket and you're ready to go. All your files or settings will be accessible as you can at home and you can continue where you left off.

All schools across the world don’t have computers in their classrooms. But, many of them have a monitor or television of some sort. Using the Thumb PC, a teacher can load content and assignments give it to students for practice in home and bring it to class the next day. All he / she will have to do is connect it and start his/her classes.

Another use is for higher-level or college students. You and your friends might have televisions or monitors at home and rather than having to bring your laptop and all the accessories that come with it, why not just carry the Thumb PC stick in your pocket? It will also reduce the load and strain on your back.

"It's Not Like a Computer.

It Is a Computer.