Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions are legally agreement between customer and us. These conditions are applicable to our website and our services that link to these terms.

If customer access our services, this indicate that customer agree our terms and conditions. If customer not agrees our terms, no access our services to the customer. Please check regular for our updated terms because as per the market or internal discussion these may change.

Sale Terms:

arrow Thumbpc.in is a distribution company not a manufacturer.
arrow Once the product purchased will not exchanged or taken back.
arrow The order will not cancel once invoice raise.
arrow Please cross check the product having the problems or damaged.
arrow Warranty will not cover if the product physical damage, mishandling, tampering of warranty stickers.

Warranty Terms:

arrow Shipping charges to the service center need to pay by the customer only.
arrow We are requesting the customer to provide the warranty card along with the invoice.
arrow Product once purchased will be accepted for warranty or replacement of other if the product in good condition only.
arrow Warranty will not allow if the product damaged, improper handling, scratches or electricity problem and etc..
arrow As per the warranty policy, it will allow manufacturing defects only.